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No vember.

Today is the last day of October. That means that tomorrow is the first day of November, or what I have come to call it, No vember.

I started No vember last year. It started with my (slightly irrational and schizophrenic) hatred for Facebook. It was inspired by No-Shave-November. It evolved from there.

And it has become a month of fasting.

So, tomorrow, I will begin a journey of:

No shaving. Because it’s how this thing got started and because of the tradition.

No texting. Because I do not enjoy texting and the distraction it brings forth.

No Facebook. Same as above.

No Twitter. Because of the distraction.

No more than one beer per day and no alcohol otherwise. Because, though I tend to be responsible with my drinking for the most part, it’ll be good to spend a few Friday and Saturday nights writing or listening to music or something a bit quieter than the typical weekend night.

No TV shows, football, or movies. I will make an exception with movies if it is part of a social gathering. This will allow me to spend time that I normally would on these, on reading, writing, doing homework, or something else more productive.

No fantasy football aside from once per week. (This is the one I am most worried about. My addiction to fantasy football is like a baby’s addiction to crying. It’s loud, high-pitched, and disrupts church services. Okay, not true on the last one. To date.

No eating out. I have not had near as much success as I would have liked in managing my money. This is a large portion of it.

Also, this year I added a few “To do’s” to my “To don’t” list:

Read outside of class for a half hour per day.

Write outside of class for a half hour per day.

Have a close listening to an album one to two times per week.

Write one song per week. (Even if the song sucks and I don’t end up doing anything with it, it is good practice and well worth my time)

Learn a new guitar chord per week.

So there’s my list. I encourage you all do participate in No vember because I think that fasting is an extremely healthy practice and last No vember was probably the most refreshing month of my life. You don’t have to be extreme as I am in my fasting, but pick one or two things this month and take it out of your life. You will soon realize that there are so many activities in your life that you simply do not need and frankly are better without. Enjoy.


About B.R. Mt.

I am a writer of fiction, poetry, song, and philosophy. I drive a school bus to pay my bills and write most the day to pay my soul. My primary missions in life are to defy expectations and encourage others to look beyond the surface.

4 responses to “No vember.

  1. Tara ⋅

    This is awesome. I appreciate so much your refreshing outlook on the things that drive a major portion of modern day Americans. I was driving the other day and saw four teenagers walking side by side (all texting) and not talking to one another. I almost shed a tear.
    I want my child to have an imagination,
    to know how to entertain his/her self when they are bored (without instantly turning to electronics),
    to be present with their peers, mentors, and family,
    to not be captive to the things that distract us from what’s important.
    I’m going to pray today about one thing to take away and one thing to implement and I’ll get back to you~and we should follow up with some banter about our month afterwards 🙂
    Yay, Brendon! Can I ask also – are you taking that half an hour to read the word or something else?

    • Thanks Tara.

      I would love to hace a banter at the end of the month. That would be great. I see nonsense like the four texting teenagers you mentioned all the time and every time it makes me sick. I’ll definitely work the Bible into my reading, but not exclusively. I started The Grapes of Wrath a few weeks ago and have struggled to make any progress lately, so I want to do some reading along those lines as well. It’ll probably vary from day to day.
      I’m stoked to see what you decide on.


  2. Tara ⋅

    My friend Karen and I are:
    Giving Up: Buying any articles of clothing for myself for the month of November
    Implementing: Giving at least one genuine compliment/day and reading for at least 15 minutes/day.

  3. Nice! I like it. Especially the daily genuine compliment, key word genuine. Good luck!

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