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Some words about Grace– By: David Landrus

Song: Devotion – Hillsong United


There has been something following me, hiding behind every corner, just waiting to approach me. This thing has no ill will towards me but Love. It stays at a close distance so it can keep its ever watchful eye upon me, ready to approach and lend me a helping hand. Grace.

Rarely do I find myself truly acknowledging its presence but mistake it for that of a foe. As humans we are constantly weary of turning the corners of life because we expect to get beat up, get hurt, get let down. We think that if we turn that corner and meet what is waiting for us that we are going to face something that will put us into worse shape than we currently are. I encourage you friend, don’t listen to that lie. It may be reproof, or chastisement, or having to let something go, but the Grace that will present itself to you will be more than enough to get you through the pain.

This week has been one of emotional ups and downs, as I am sure it has been for us all. Embarrassment, regret, frustration, guilt, happiness, uncertainty. Admittedly I do not approach those corners in life with the confidence that I will meet grace every time. But, the joke is on me. Grace watches as a shepherd looks after his sheep. He doesn’t always stand within petting distance but He is ALWAYS within a staffs length. Accepting grace has been my big take away this week and I want to share that joy with you.

Just yesterday I was hanging out with a good friend. A man that I would say is close to my heart. In this lifetime we will all have two types of friends: repentant and unrepentant. Both are very similar, prone to the same actions, the same decisions, but the difference in the two is one says “Fool me all you want” while the other says “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” This friend is one of the prior notion. He is a self-made man who builds his life one accomplishment at a time with heart pats to his own back. This is not something that I look down on with distain but rather something that I look at with pity.

During our conversation he brought up the fact that he had read his Bible the previous day and even said a prayer. Oh how I would love to hear that prayer. And on top of it all he’s going to church this weekend.

“Thud Thud, Thud Thud”

The sound of a heart starting to beat again. In this small act my friend has by no means established an eternal justification but he has done something just as powerful: accepted grace. Wether it is unbeknownst to him or not his heart has been softened. And how I plead with my maker that it is the beginning of a vibrant, healthy and eternal heartbeat. How can something that is so hard for me to do, even with the saving knowledge that I have, be the knee jerk reaction of my friend. That is truly Grace at its finest. The small, still whisper that calls us all home.


Pray today. Pray that the fortresses in your life that holds Grace out would open its gates and embrace Grace as its friend. Pray that same thing for your friends. And heck, maybe cry a little bit for those who you see desiring it the most. Take a note from our Lord

John 11:35 “Jesus wept.”

Weep for your friends.


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Charles Westerman is a freelance writer, songwriter, school bus driver and murder mystery theater actor living in Portland, Oregon. He grew up on a ranch in Chugwater, Wyoming as the youngest of five kids and graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Journalism and English Lit. in May 2012. In between driving his Jr. High minions back-and-forth from school, he is currently at work writing his debut literary novel, Where Heaven Meets Cheyenne and its sequel. A two-part telling of the story of his ordinary family that came together in an extraordinary way. For the past two and half years he has worked to tell this story with honesty, excellence and honor to the characters who made it possible.

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