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Some Lying About Lying. By: mOUNTbRENDON

The other day, I told a completely true story about something that happened to me the previous week that became increasingly false with every passing word. Or was it a totally false story that became increasingly true with every passing word? I think it may have been the former, but then again, the latter seems more appealing in hindsight, and my mom always says, “Hindsight is always 20/20.” That’s what I live my life by and that’s what I always stay true to.

– – –

Last night, I saw an older man slip on the ice. He was leaving my house at the time.

A few minutes ago, I got off the phone with a friend, telling him about the incident. I said that the gash in his head was pretty severe and that I helped him inside my house and tried to aid his recovery enough so he could drive himself back to the Hilton Hotel where he was staying.

But it wasn’t the gash that was severe; it was more of the possibility of a concussion. The gash may have been seeping with blood, but it wasn’t a deep gash.

And I didn’t really help him once we made it back inside the house. I sat there and gave him comfort with a concerned expression on my face, while some other guys I was with were the ones tending to his injury.

Or, maybe I did help a little bit. I seem to recall wetting a washrag. Of course, it could have been someone else who did that. I do think my concern was comforting to him. There’s no doubt about that.

– – –

Sometimes, I think that this world would be a much better place if everyone was like me. Just imagine a world of Brendons. There would be no fighting, wars, or anything like that. Everything would simply be better. It would be like a utopia, where no one would be poor, because everyone would be poor. But everyone would prefer it that way and also be happy. There would be no problems with communication, or passivity at all because people would say what was on their mind, which would never be hurtful or disrespectful. And everything would be really organized and structured, so that no one would ever stress themselves out or allow others to stress them out. People would be really mellow and easy going and friendly.

Most importantly though, nothing would be annoying because everyone would be so respectful to one another. They would act on every impulse to help one another. If someone saw that another may be struggling with something or in some kind of pain, that person would always rush over and do their best to help. Every time.

– – –

I walked by an old acquaintance earlier today. I said, “Hi! How are you doing?” because I really wanted to know how she was doing. I really wanted to know as much as I could about her life and what I’ve missed since our last conversation. We had some pretty deep conversations in the past and all.

She said, “Good,” without coming to a complete stop. “How are you?” she added.

“I’m good.” I said as she sped her walk back up to a normal pace. I’m sure she’s really glad that she now knows I’m doing “good.” I know I’m glad I know the same about her, despite my regret that we couldn’t have a real conversation. That’s something I’m normally really good at, striking deep conversations. It’s probably because I’m such an interesting person, which is something I’ve trained myself to become. Not out of insecurity or anything. I’m a pretty secure person. You can ask anyone. I’ve probably had a real conversation with whomever you find to ask.

– – –

Most people want to be a part of something that they think is bigger than themselves. They gravitate toward concepts such as thug, athlete, or nerd so they can “fit in.” Not this guy though. I never give in to “following the herd” or  trying to “fit in.” My life motto is to break down people’s expectations, which is something that I’m always successful at. Some people have called me a “hipster,” and to that I responded, “You only wish I fit into your ridiculous stereotype. Not to mention the fact that I don’t even know what your term ‘hipster’ means.”

Other people may tell me, “You act like a heathen.” And others say, “You act one of those crazy Christians.”

To both I say, “I act how I act because of neither of those things.” In fact, none of my actions are motivated by any kind of outside influence, just by my own personal and unique perception of the world, free from biases, or judgment, or any of that bullshit.

– – –

I never really lie either. I am always one hundred percent a genuine representation of myself, especially in my own mind.


About B.R. Mt.

I am a writer of fiction, poetry, song, and philosophy. I drive a school bus to pay my bills and write most the day to pay my soul. My primary missions in life are to defy expectations and encourage others to look beyond the surface.

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