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I just got done watching the movie J. Edgar. I thought it was a well-written movie. Not my favorite movie, but good. It’s about J. Edgar Hoover, the guy who basically formed the FBI into what it is today. Hoover was great at his job and from what I got from the movie that is hard to argue with. But it isn’t hard to argue over whether or not Hoover was a particularly good guy. He did things like taking credit for other agent’s arrests among others.I wondered why this was while I was watching and I new that there was more to it than just simply having a big ego. What was the cause of the big ego?

The answer dawned on me toward the end of the movie. Edgar worked as the head of the FBI till the day he died. He refused to retire and wore himself into the ground after nearly 60 years on the job. He didn’t trust anyone else taking over for him. In his mind, the success of the FBI was reliant on his position behind his desk.

Because he saw himself as bigger than his job.

He saw himself as bigger than his story.

And this is where his status as hero greatly lessened.

When you view your life as a story and yourself as a hero, I believe that it is extremely easy to do this, particularly when you find yourself having success like Hoover did.

But you cannot let yourself fall into that snare. You cannot let yourself become bigger than your story or else the gap between the good and evil in your life will begin to narrow.

You need to constantly humble yourself and remind yourself that you are not bigger than your story, but your story is bigger than you.

No one is bigger than his or her story. And no one’s personal story is any greater than someone else’s. To put yourself above your story is to put yourself above God. And I cannot see how that can ever become a good thing.

Whether you believe it or not, we are all part of the same story and the better story you can live, which means the more you understand that the story is greater than you, the more you can contribute to the greatest story ever created.