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I just got done watching the movie J. Edgar. I thought it was a well-written movie. Not my favorite movie, but good. It’s about J. Edgar Hoover, the guy who basically formed the FBI into what it is today. Hoover was great at his job and from what I got from the movie that is hard to argue with. But it isn’t hard to argue over whether or not Hoover was a particularly good guy. He did things like taking credit for other agent’s arrests among others.I wondered why this was while I was watching and I new that there was more to it than just simply having a big ego. What was the cause of the big ego?

The answer dawned on me toward the end of the movie. Edgar worked as the head of the FBI till the day he died. He refused to retire and wore himself into the ground after nearly 60 years on the job. He didn’t trust anyone else taking over for him. In his mind, the success of the FBI was reliant on his position behind his desk.

Because he saw himself as bigger than his job.

He saw himself as bigger than his story.

And this is where his status as hero greatly lessened.

When you view your life as a story and yourself as a hero, I believe that it is extremely easy to do this, particularly when you find yourself having success like Hoover did.

But you cannot let yourself fall into that snare. You cannot let yourself become bigger than your story or else the gap between the good and evil in your life will begin to narrow.

You need to constantly humble yourself and remind yourself that you are not bigger than your story, but your story is bigger than you.

No one is bigger than his or her story. And no one’s personal story is any greater than someone else’s. To put yourself above your story is to put yourself above God. And I cannot see how that can ever become a good thing.

Whether you believe it or not, we are all part of the same story and the better story you can live, which means the more you understand that the story is greater than you, the more you can contribute to the greatest story ever created.


Life Chapters.


I am in a weird place in my life right now, which has made it difficult for me to focus on the present, on where I’m heading and how I’m getting there. I can’t help but constantly look ahead to the future. I know what I want long term, but what the hell do I want short term? Here and now?

My relationship with God has definitely changed. My view toward God has definitely changed. I see things differently than I used to, and I think a lot of people (particularly those of the American Christian faith) would be scared of by my current views. But I can tell you with full confidence that I cannot ignore God and that I believe in God just like I ever did. I cannot ignore his presence, existence, and what he has done in and for my life.

With that said, I have experienced change these last few months. Change for the better. I once heard someone say that evidence of someone having a successful pursuit of God comes in growth. Well, I have certainly grown.

I look at me from a year ago and I do not even feel like the same person. Not even remotely. And despite what others may think, despite the fact that I may seem to some like I have lost a lot of my faith, I ask myself, “Has this change been for the better?” And the answer to that is undoubtedly, “Yes. Don’t even ask that. It’s a silly question.” Not to say that I am this awesome person now who has everything figured out, cause that couldn’t be further from the truth, BUT, I am finally becoming the person that I always know I had deep inside me, but could never seem to grab ahold of and bring to the surface before. I am a doer now.

I have evolved. I have shed skin. I have begun a new chapter. And my biggest problem as a result as been knowing how to deal with this new skin. That has been the part that I have not done a very good job of and as a result I have allowed myself into this weird place that has built itself up to surround me. As my friend Charlie would say though, “Your life is awesome right now. You have no reason to be frustrated with things.”

And he is right. My life is awesome right now. I just keep allowing myself to make it harder than it really is.

I let the reins of my life slip out of my grasp. I merely let my focus relax a bit and all I need to do now is reach out and grab the reins back in and this weird place in my life is going to pass.

It is amazing how life works in stages. It seems fitting that books and novels are written in chapters. Because it really is the perfect metaphor for how life works. I’m in the middle of rising action of my life story. Soon, I will be chasing my dreams for real and I will face the biggest and scariest dragons I’ll ever see.

But all that doesn’t happen until at least a few life chapters from now. And it never did anyone any good to look ahead several chapters in a novel. One doesn’t get much out of a novel unless he or she is focused in on what is happening in the present moment of the pages. You have to take novels one page at a time in order to do it justice.

I am terribly exited to find out what happens in the next few chapters and beyond in my life. And that is how it should be. Because you know you’re living a good story when you can’t wait to see what happens next. Just like you know you’re reading a good book when you feel the same.

But the next few chapters won’t have the same impact and excitement unless you slow down your reading and allow yourself to comprehend what is happening in the current chapter. So be excited about your future life chapters, but slow down and read the present chapter closely and hold on to every word.

Because if you do, God will right there with you, looking over your shoulder and smiling.